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verwirrt aber ich meine es so

a warning, i have beer, but all this is my meaning

ok, 1 2 3 times in year, i must give a big shout and today is the day. first, i am from germany and my english is shit but i will give this shout to all and the best is in english. but my E. is shit. hate me love me no way. you can end now and read other people entrys. ok. but i go on. Cousin Silas is one of this persons i love for music but also for his entrys because, he is very often the same with my feelings. Candy Lozier AND Øystein Jørgensen are my buddys for my stuff on here labels, i LOVE YOU. so many friends love me and my music and share me. but more many of my facebook friends are vampiere. she love if i share here STUFF but never help other people, you are fucking trash, hey, this is realy i think about you. we share you more more and more and you post an pic from your penis and thats all, you are never do a little for your freindlist musicans, you are only focus on you fatt ugly face. i hate you sooo realy much, belive me. SCHALLWELLE AWARD, its a big big shit you know? you find there tangerine dream klaus schulze etc and i love this musicans but this musicans are big names in all interesting electronic people, we dont need awards for it, we needs awards for new, or old, dirty musicans with new dirty ideas and music and iliving in dirty streets and using dirty hardware because there is no money for more and all awards give people i wil say to you, YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE AND YOU ARE BLIND;realy, i dont hate you but please find time to OPEN your eyes. if i tell this in german, it will 1000% harder, i promise. but this words must be for all people in all sections of this world. please musica making people, dont forget this i tell at last, dont stop to make art, no matter if label will to publish, do it for your soul, do it not for an award, an label, family, friends, do ist for you, only for you. i do it for 20 years in 2 years and ever it was my way to save me, realy save me. it was times in my life i want shot me or hang me but to make music, save me, this are not only words to make words, this realy happen. i love all you, i cant share all you but i share you if you are in my eyes. end words are, please forgive bad englsih, please forgive hard words, but please, dont forget you and soul and music, love ... SHARE IT WENN DU EINEN ARSCH IN DER HOSE HAST

März 3, 2018