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The Joy Division 5

the gentle side of Eisenlager! here we go and thank you to Candy Lozier for publish on here fantastic label Studio 4632

Studio 4632 welcomes the latest collection of the Joy Division series from Eisenlager. The Joy Division 5 album was recorded in late 2017 in Studio Glasklinge Zeitenlicht. It is another excellent ambient musical project of German artist Eisenlager. This collection is mellow melodic. Nicely so. The addition of Little Noxx on track 4 is, in my opinion, a very nice touch, and represents the emotionality of the music. And the production is, as always, excellent. You can always expect something refreshing from Eisenlager, and this album is no exception! Please enjoy the creative force of Eisenlager with Little Noxx. The Joy Division 5. https://studio4632.bandcamp.com/album/the-joy-division-5