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hello friends, lets do a new compilation for you for us for all. MIDNIGHTRADIO COMPILATION VOL101. do you want to be there? be part of it. 

Rules: send me only 1 track. all styles of music are welcome, almost, no harsh noise, please. wav flac is the best. mp3 is possible. please no tracks longer than 15 minutes. send to midnightradio11@gmail.com via wetransfer etc. END DAY OF SEND TRACKS: 17. DEZEMBER

MIDNIGHTRADIO COMPILATION has been around since 2013 (there were 100 episodes plus special editions) and was then completely deleted and terminated by me for personal reasons. that was a mistake. I should have kept history. I am now in the process of correcting this mistake by trying to restore and upload all compilations. I created a new bandcamp and facebook page for this. it will take a while until all compilations are finished and uploaded.

in a short period of time i received massive support and encouragement. i will continue the series with new releases, but on a smaller scale, because back then it consumed all my energy and i didn't have time to make my own music with EISENLAGER. this includes the rule, please only send 1 piece of music for the respective sampler and not many in stock for other collections. please don't send me links to select pieces of music. I don't have time for that and you should also decide what to send me. if you send me something then make sure that all information is available, such as. the name and title of the piece. I will not ask if, for example. your email or file does not contain an artist name. that took a lot of time back then. 

if you want a website to be linked from you then you have to send me the www address. if you want to say something about your piece of music or a short biography of yourself, then you have to send it to me together with the piece of music and it will happen. midnightradio compilation was so special because it included many different faces of music all over the world. In this sense, the story should be continued.

Back then it was a great help that many people shared the sampler and the calls to send it in, thus ensuring that many musicians were reached and that we received many different types of music. we need this help again today. I will not distribute these calls myself in the whole groups in which I am a member with EISENLAGER, I would like to ask you to distribute and share these calls. (For example, you can mark musicians in the comments or tell him, that I don't know, who you think might be of interest to him to take part)

why does the download of the older sampler cost 1 euro and the new sampler starting with VOL101, 0.50 cents? the free download on bandcamp is limited and when it is used it is automatically reduced to 7 dollars. then you have to manually change each individual publication, which can take many hours. spam download machines also break free downloads. 1 euro or 0.50 cent is not a lot of money for something you love or want to support the work of a curator. bandcamp also takes its share of the money. In spite of everything, I will send the compilations to anyone who asks me for free. I've been doing the same with EISENLAGER for a long time. those were many, many words, but these words were necessary to continue writing the story successfully. me and all of us will bring midnightradio to life. come with me ...




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