hello friends, i close the case MIDNIGHTRADIO COMPILATION
why? I have no more joy to do it. this weekend i publish on bandcamp the ready compilation vol 86-93 and vol 100. the special edition will be some days after this (Midnight Radio Your First Track You Recorded) From time to time I will do a special edition (maybe) if this all is done, i close and delete the group Midnight|Radio|Family. thank you for the time since 2013. all the best, glasklinge zeitenlicht ###

hello all friends and lovers, you send me so many lovely and warm words about the end of midnightradio. tears in my eyes. this is not a lie, this is what happen. thank you for every comment you send me! some people say, dont stop, do it maybe in a slow way to publish and this will better for you – but i must say, i must stop it now and some will say, why so many at one day i publish – because, i must bring it NOW to an END. hey guys, maybe in the future, but only MAYBE, i start a new compilation project with a new name and new rules/concept. but midnightradio, will to die this weekend. it;s sad, i know, it;s also sad for me. EISENLAGER dont die, some ask me. EISENLAGER is my private music project and i use to create sounds, i do it since 2000 and will do it to the end of my breath. in the last 12 months i do it like a crazy person, why? i dont know and maybe Because, I have never planted a tree and this is the only thing that will remain of me. and – and now some words to this follow midnightradio links. vol 86 to vol 93 are ready midnightradio, not publish at this day. on vol 00, you find all tracks from musicans, they send me tracks for future midnightradio are not ready. i put all the tracks on vol 00. later on this day, i give you vol 100. vol 100 only tracks are not publish on other platforms, only made for vol 100 ( i make a call for this more than one year before) all this tracks are special made for the 100. Sunday, i give you: Midnight Radio Your First Track You Recorded Edition. 49 tracks are in. And that’s it, more not. That is the end. just one thing, please help me to share, i cant share alone because, i dont will spam in to many groups, i share also, but the most share must come from you please. please! hey guys, thank you, you are the best, underground sounds will not die, underground sounds are important, underground sounds must be share, undergrounds sounds must be supported and i hope, you supported EISENLAGER and i hope i found the power in the future and a way for supported your underground sounds with a new download compilation, regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht eisenlager der schlachter – here are the links to enjoy and share:

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