Vava Vol Eisenlager and a new way with my blog diary

hallo freunde. ich habe ein neues album eingespielt mit meiner freundin vava vol aus canada. das war eine grosse freude ehre und vergnügen für mich. ich könnt dieses album kostenlos herunterladen. alles wichtige dafür findet ihr im anschluss dieses textes. ich habe desweiteren diesen blog etwas umgestaltet. hier gibt es nur noch mein diary und neues über meine musik namens Eisenlager. alles andere findet ihr weiterhin in meinen sozialen netwerken. sei es facebook twitter instagram und vieles mehr. auch besteht weiterhin und hin und wieder auch updates. vielen dank an alle die hier lesen und mir die treue gehalten haben. passt auf euch auf, glasklinge zeitenlicht.


hello friends and members, please give me one minute of your time. this is my new album with VAVA VOL. she is an canadian avantgarde musican since 1978 and working all over the world. in the early eighties also a part of the berlin avantgarde scene. for me a honor to work together. this album is hosted by Hortus Conclusus Records. thank you to Emiliano Pietrini and thank you for artwork to Siggi We.
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This is one of the most imaginative albums whose stylistic dichotomy does not clash rather than becoming delicately enmeshed. „Half Truths / Halbe Wahrheiten“, however, revisits an eterogeneous climes in full force, although its cosmic jitters and frolicking frequencies feel like liquedous rain showers next to the noisy fluxion of jagged fractions and pernicious ruptures. A sonic universe of strong impact awakened by the fusion of the talents, inspirations and experiences of two artists of the caliber of Vava Vol and Norbert Kutz aka Eisenlager.
© 2017
Sound scapes & loops by Eisenlager
Synthesizers, vocoder, field recordings,and piano by Vava Vol
artworks on the cover by Siggi We (Linde Wegener)
An Eisenlager/Vava Vol Music Collaboration
VAVA VOL: Devices, Sounds, Rituals
Eisenlager: Devices, Sounds, Rituals
recorded 2016/2017 in Canada and Germany
Vava Vol is a Canadian self-produced electronic music composer and musician with a passion for electronic, ambient, experimental and avant-garde music and has been writing music since 1978. She creates and records soundscapes and voice using various recording devices, analog and digital synths, vocoders, tape loops, transistor and short wave radio waves, field recordings, ethnic and handmade instruments. Music is her “raison d’être” as she continue to explore and push the boundaries of experimental electronica by creating her unique music, whether in-studio or out in the field.
Eisenlager is an experimental sound artist from Germany who has been working since 1981. You can find out more about his work at:

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