Eisenlager – Cooperation 1

hello friends, here we are with first album from EISENLAGERCooperation – Eisenlager – Cooperation 1 – please enjoy and share, thank you very much! featuring # HELL IS CARBON – Ars Sonor – Rik Johnson – Zack Kabk – thinds – Mystified – Cathuria – Sona Nyl – 1414E08 https://eisenlager.bandcamp.com/album/cooperation-1


Midnight Radio Compilation 74

please welcome a new midnightradio compilation, vol 74. please enjoy and please help me to bring around the world. you can help if you share. thank you to all musicans to be a part. regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht https://midnightradio-compilation.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-radio-compilation-74please welcome a new midnightradio compilation, vol 74. please enjoy and please help me to bring around the …


Eisenlager – ImmerLicht

hello friends, 4everLight, ImmerLicht, the new album from me, from Eisenlager. please enjoy this ride. its a typical Eisenlager journey into the underworld. thank you for share. Model Julia Ponyo Recorded 2014-2015 https://eisenlager.bandcamp.com/album/immerlicht about this album: a journey through the head a journey through the life a journey through everything you scares and everything you …



Tot sein Gut sein Leise sein Verloren sein Schlau sein Fröhlich sein Mörder sein Schwein sein Kind sein Jung sein Taub sein Schwach sein Heroin sein Prinzessin sein Feuer sein Ich sein Echt sein Sommer sein Sperma sein Leise sein Gut sein Kind sein Offen sein Böse sein Verfault sein Zart sein Verdorben sein Elektrisch …


i need your help! Midnightradio Compilation

hello friends, i need your help. i need tracks for midnightradio compilation. friday will be vol 73, full are also: 74,75,76 – if you want keep alive midnightradio, send me a track, ask your musican friends, share in facebook groups, share on twitter and google+ and more places you are walking on. please send tracks …