Dr. Drone, Diaries Of An Emo Outcast Junkie





the first. an friend called Felix Flaucher was the owner from the biggest Goth Pop Band in germany called first, Silke Bischoff and later, 18Summers. i found the love to this band 1993 and meet felix first beginning 2000. later we are friends and started some projekts in the internet like his diary etc. we cant see us often but contact via email sometimes daily over years. one track — he wrote about me and a girl, the girl and me, we had a internet love story . its on an 18Summers album. the last day we see us in real live was on this event on the photo. (Felix is on the right side) backstage we have a loot of fun. he past away this year. it was a shock. sad, i hate this. i hate that people past away. cant say more. R.I.P my friend Felix Flaucher.

Dezember 23, 2017