Dr. Drone, Diaries Of An Emo Outcast Junkie

electric sperm

Hey friends, hey boys and girls. I cant stop making music. This night i was on netflix, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, but after some time enjoy the last season, i get nervous. Its in my body, in my brain, i must stop and go to the electric world wide web machine at my table and do an album. Drink 2 or 3 beer and create mad EISENLAGER stuff. This make me happy. Than, a ready track is Ren·de·ring, i smoke on the open window a cigarette. And then, again and again and then, an album is ready. Artwork, open a beer, cigarette and do artwork and upload all to Bandcamp. Wow, like an sexuall feeling.  This happen today. This album i dont share now, because, i have so many ready albums here because, i cant spend time only on NETFLIX, i must do electric art, trash, music, sperm. Thats my life. 


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