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Eisenlager news: EISENLAGER & M​.​NOMIZED - Psalms

hello friends, some weeks ago, Michel Mnomized ask me for a collab. and it was a big honor to do. Michel Mnomized do art and music and sounds since the seventies and the most of us where little child, babys or sperm or fastfood. he create the french label FRACTION STUDIO in the year 1983 and this label are now here with our collaboration. we create a journey and i hope, you enjoy and show other people with a share. guest voice on 2 tracks, Norman Wnuck - thank you <3 EISENLAGER & M​.​NOMIZED - Psalms https://fractionstudio.bandcamp.com/album/fscd88-eisenlager-m-nomized-psalms-2018 EISENLAGER : Devices, Sounds, Rituals, Samples. M.NOMIZED : Soundscapes, Synthesizers, Drones, Loops, Treatments. HERR TWIGGS : Voice on track 06 and 08. credits released March 3, 2018 Music composed and played by Einsenlager and M.Nomized. Basetracks recorded at Fraction Studio (France). Final recording at Zeitenlicht Studio (Germany). Cover and visuals by M.Nomized. All rights reserved. P.2018 FRACTION STUDIO. EISENLAGER www.eisenlager.net M.NOMIZED mnomized.bandcamp.com HERR TWIGGS herrtwiggs.com