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Eisenlager News.

hello friends, the next rework from EISENLAGER TON 1 come in. maybe you remember, i make a call to rework my first album from year 2000. thank you to Marvin Marvinson Ton1 Re​​/​​Work by Der Domestizierte Mensch download at: https://eisenlager.bandcamp.com/album/ton1-re-work-by-der-domestizierte-mensch

the call: hello friends and musicians i do not know yet. this is my first album from the year 2000. you are welcome to do an ReWork/Remix. do what you want, but please use the complete album. you send me the ready files to midnightradio11@gmail.com via wetransfer or other service. (dropbox, google drive) etc. it will be publish on my bandcamp side https://eisenlager.bandcamp.com/ like this way: Eisenlager - Ton1/Rework [here will be your name/band or whatever you need, tell me] - send me also all your infos, webside, bio etc, for the description. no time limit, this call is forever! thank you and i hope, YOU ARE A PART. here you find the files in all format you need: https://eisenlager.bandcamp.com/album/ton1 regards, nobbi, glasklinge zeitenlicht and EISENLAGER http://www.eisenlager.net